A Jazzy Little Combo

Four musicians make up the Grumpy Old Men with an instrumentation of piano, bass, drums and saxophone. Although primarily an instrumental combo,  the pianist and saxophonist have a repertoire of vocal arrangements.  If more vocals are desired for an event, a female vocalist can be added to the quartet for an additional fee.

Dance styles include ballads, waltzes, fox-trots, jitterbug tunes, swing tunes, Dixieland beats, Latin rhythms and, upon very special request, polkas. The Grumpy Old Men have a repertoire of over 500 songs and arrange a program of music tailored to each occasion.

The Grumpy Old Men have been entertaining for group events since the early 1990s and members have deep roots in the Western Kentucky jazz scene.

Although not “grumpy” on the job, the Grumpy Old Men interview prospective clients, and have a seldom used motto, “You don’t hire us; we select you!” As a result, the customer is almost always satisfied.

Two members of the combo have worked together in bands for over four decades. The drummer is just a kid and has only been on the scene with them for about 30 years. You might see some of us appear with some of our other friends, for instance the Todd Hill Orchestra.  Read more about the Grumpy Old Men Adventures and Recollections here.

In early 2011 Donny Howard stepped in for long time member and arranger “H” Pruitte who appears in all but the top photo and our recordings.

Our hope is that Joe Tarentino will return to primary bass playing duties for the Grumpy Old Men soon. Meanwhile, Scott Thile, who appears in most of the photos and MP3s on this site has returned to the bandstand.

Contact Information:
Roger Reichmuth
Mobile: (270) 293-8742
E-mail: rreichmuth@twc.com